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Bless online EU / NA development in 2017

Bless online closed alpha with NDA late 2017 and then start fresh with marketing and beta in 2018.

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Bless Online summons the game players come back again

The Korean version of Bless Online just launched another returning and new player event to prepare players for the upcoming content update schedule next week. Players can get a bunch of goodies ranging from special gear and weapons to help them level up and has presents, rewards, and so much bribes, a limited seven-day flying mount, unique runes, limited premium tokens, special login bonuses, booster kit, and more rewards.


Bless Online Berserker Low Level Questing

I felt like playing a new character, Berserker in action mode. Unlike other classes, the left click of this job actually cleaves. Let me know if I should continue leveling or not!


The Classes of Bless Online


The Races of Bless


How to Avoid Getting Ban for Buying Bless Online Gold

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Bless Online Basic Guardian PvP Guide

Now is the right time to show you guys how to start your Guardian trip in Bless Online, I mean, this would be a very helpful Basic Guardian PvP Guide, which will open the door of Guardian for you. What's more, don't forget that you can always get Bless Online gold from, we are top supplier for Bless Online gold service!