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Bless Online will come much sooner than predicted

Bless will come much sooner than predicted, Cudos for Aeria Games to have the BALLS to reach out for Bless even with their P2W games reputation


Bless Online RvR PvP Full Match Long Gameplay Preview

Here is a full RvR match preview. I ended up doing pretty good with over 10 kills. My current level is 30, but it seems to have been boosted to 45. More information about PvP and RvR in my preview below.


Interested in creating a new serious/hardcore guild for NA + short intro

So now I am looking to make Bless my next mmo home and hopefully a one that will last. Sometime this week I will maybe start playing in the KR version to get a feel for some things but for the most part from what ive read and watched I pretty much have the gist of what features are to come to us in NA.As for guild leading


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Basel Gorge and the Siege of Strasbourg appear to be the two biggest hotspots of controversy. The team is adjusting both to handle the proportional interest by the players and to up the drop rate. Concern is being given to balancing the game's PvP and PvE offerings as well.


What's your opinion on Bless so far?

I have leveled a Berserker to 29 and found the game to be pretty gud so far. Dungeons have been fun and require your attention, the world is beautiful, and the combat system hasn't bothered me at all. I personally feel delay has an issue with how the combat feels unresponsive.


Bless is coming to Europe and North America

Neowiz Games Business Manager just confirmed that the European and North American Publishing Contracts are in the final stage.


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Bless is coming to Europe and North America

Neowiz Games Business Manager just confirmed that the European and North American Publishing Contracts are in the final stage.

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Bless Online Basic Guardian PvP Guide

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