The main "endgame" at the momment are Bless Online dungeons

There isn't much to do for now I guess, considering that taming, gathering and crafting and even sieges are limited by AP. 

In the last patch we got a -50% AP cost reduction though, even more than so for taming which cost 2 now instead of 5, so you can do those a little more.


But I guess that the main "endgame" at the momment are dungeons, sieges, world bosses, arena 3v3, world pvp.

Warning: Wall incoming.


It's hard to find world PvP at the momment though, compared to other games like aion or archeage for example. The majority happens in the way to or in the entrances of the dungeons, but even then usually channel 1 entrance is controlled by one faction and channel 2 by the other faction and you better dont go near the entrance in the channel that the other faction controls if you don't have a group.


I really whish that the devs give us a reason to move around all the world, perhaps some daily quests around the area camps from all the world that give little money to cover traveling costs and perhaps ranking points or some currency to exchange for armor, right now there is no reason to travel much, it can even consume a lot of your bless online gold. That's why I think we don't find much world pvp.


Arenas 3v3 are fun, when I find myself playing solo and don't have AP to spend this is pretty much all what I feel like remains to do, but the queue takes too long sadly.


Dungeons are fun and hard, you need people to do them, at least the high level ones, and you will need to run them a lot of times to gear up, they are the main endgame activity right now I guess.


Sieges are fun too, now that they cost only 40 AP you can enter them more frequently, sadly I can only enter them on weekends since they happen at the morning and during the week i'm working.


World bosses... they really need to improve this imo, right now they are instanced, only certain amount of people can enter, you wait in the area and when the portal appears if you don't enter fast you are out until the next day.


The lag is horrible, the bosses do nasty attacks that really hurt and the majority of times you don't even see them coming due to the lag, it also doesn't matter if you die as long as you are inside when the boss dies, you can respawn your ghost right outside the instance and run inside. So its more like a zombie fest, run in/dps/die/respawn/repeat.


They should allow less people to enter per instance so that the fight is enjoyable and not laggy, they should also increase the number of instances so that more people in total can get in (right now there is usually more people left outside waiting than people inside doing the bosses), and death should matter a little more too imo.


It opens and closes many times during the day, to refresh go back to server screen and select the server again. I believe its automated and opens and closes depending on the people that joins Hieron.


The momment you see union open just make a dummy character as fast as you can, any name and appareance, that will save your slot in the faction and you will be able to create union chars anytime. After that go back to character screen and take your time to create your main character without worrying about being caught by another faction lock.


Edit: A friend just joined the server so it looks like union is open right now

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